The difference between yesterday and today.

Yesterday I had it in my mind that today I’d be writing a post about how awesome things have been lately — it really feels like everything is coming together.

But then today was crazy. Spanish dragged on, I ended up doing homework at work, and then, when I got home at 3:30, I sat down and did homework until about 10 minutes ago. Lately, by 11 PM I’ve been curled up in bed reading a book or watching TV… but now I feel like I’m back in the routine of last semester, doing homework until I couldn’t see straight anymore.

This is not how I envisioned my summer.

Now, of course, this is partially my own fault; I decided to retype all of my pertinent Spanish notes, which took a good two hours. Then I had actual Spanish homework to do — 18 workbook exercises, 3 textbook exercises. Not too terrible. I also have a journal due for my (online) Women’s Studies class due Friday, but since I’m going home tomorrow and I share the textbook with my neighbor/best friend, I wanted to get the journal done tonight. I analyzed the 3 readings and set to work around 8 PM… I’m three pages in and burned out. June Jordan’s “Report from the Bahamas” will have to wait until tomorrow when I get home (luckily I found a PDF online).

I’m slightly cranky. I had other things I wanted to do tonight, including write a wonderful blog post about how awesome life has been. But now I don’t have it in me. I also snapped at my boyfriend because he encouraged me to push through and get everything done tonight. Doesn’t he care about my well-being? Doesn’t he want me to relax? Duh, of course he does. I was just being a brat. I haven’t felt stress like this in a good few weeks, and after how amazing things have been, the feeling is slightly foreign to me.

I know he’ll understand when I explain what’s going on. And he’ll know just what to say to help me out with everything that’s going on.

That’s just one of the millions of things I love him about him. 🙂

And now I’m getting sappy … and sleepy … time for bed!


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