Yes! Today is absolutely better than yesterday. 🙂

For one, I got my journal done for my class. It was slightly ramble-y, but oh well.

Second, I’m back home in New Jersey for a few days. And I have a HUGE surprise for my brother that he doesn’t know is coming at ALL. I’ll definitely have to blog about that tomorrow after it happens.

Third, I had an awesome night with my dad and three siblings. We haven’t had all four of us home and doing things together in a really long time, so having dinner and going to the mall with them was great. And I got to help my sister find the perfect clutch to go with her dress for her boyfriend’s brother’s wedding. She was really happy with it!

I’m pretty beat, but I have a couple of ideas for blogs I want to write — maybe tomorrow! For now, catching up on “The Glee Project” and trying to get my cat to come be a pillow again…

(This pic is from the last time I was home… she does this all the time, though!)


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