The Surprise.

So the other day, I wrote about how I had a huge surprise for my brother. While it didn’t go perfectly (what surprises do?), I figured I’d write a bit about that.

[This story may make a lot more sense to people who know both my brother and my boyfriend.]

My brother adores my boyfriend. And I believe the feeling is mutual, though my boyfriend isn’t nearly expressive about it. Every time I’ve gone home lately, I’ve gone solo. My brother (T) is not too thrilled that I’ve come home alone; he really wants to see my boyfriend (F).

My brother’s birthday was last week (he turned 17 and got his license!), but I wasn’t able to go home for it. I planned to come home this weekend for a truck show my dad was involved in, and I asked F if he wanted to come with me. He gave me a “maybe” and we left it at that.

Last week, F asked if he could drive from Lancaster (where he’s currently living and working) to my hometown and meet me there. I told him my dad planned for all of us to go out to dinner Friday night, and F said he’d meet us at the restaurant.

I told my dad what was going on so he could get an accurate head count for the reservation. I also (begrudgingly) told my mom and my sister — F and I had planned to surprise them, too, but it didn’t work out.

My dad, stepmom, sister, T, his girlfriend, my stepbrother, and his girlfriend, all piled into my dad’s Suburban and headed to the restaurant. On the way there, F called me to tell me he was there already, but we talked as if he was just leaving work for the day. As we pulled into the parking lot, I found F’s car — right next to a Honda Pilot, the kind of car my dad and stepmom were looking to buy. I asked T if he’d come check it out with me, and as we walked over, F got out of the car. My brother’s face lit up (a rarity) and he looked at F in disbelief. I explained to T that F had gone there straight from work to surprise him, and T gave him a huge hug. After dinner, T and F hugged it out for a while.

Their bromance is somewhat adorable.

For those of you who do not know my brother, he’s generally emotionless most of the time. Therefore, this reaction was fantastic. 🙂

I’ll probably have something much more fun to say tomorrow, but for now I figured I’d share a sweet anecdote about my family (since I spent all weekend with them)!


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