Once, Jennifer Weiner said something along the lines of “a writer will write, no matter what.”

But what about when that writer doesn’t know what to write?

In the wake of my two awesome posts yesterday, I’m feeling a bit dry today. I was told by a fellow blogger that it’s okay to write once every three days or three times a day, and that I shouldn’t force myself to write every day.

But then I get a text (from the same friend who inspired the title of this blog) saying,

It’s been two days since your latest blog post. Let’s goooo!!!

and the pressure is on.

Sorry to disappoint you, N, but you’re not getting a post every day. 😛

Instead, I’m going to relax and watch a mini-marathon ofCriminal Minds, my newest favorite show.

And maybe make some mac and cheese. With hot dogs. Because I’m secretly still a child.


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