Sex sells. That’s nothing new. But the amount of sexualized advertising out there now is absolutely absurd.

I came across this gem the other day while watching TV. It’s a Liquid-Plumbr commercial, selling their new product interestingly named “Double Impact.” The ad starts off with a woman picking up a bottle of Liquid-Plumbr in the store. She begins to get hot and bothered daydreaming about two attractive plumbers coming over to “snake her drain” and “flush her pipes.” Is it necessary to have a Barry White-esque narrator and a woman making very suggestive faces? About the only thing that this ad has going for it is that the woman cleaned the drain herself instead of relying on someone else to do it for her (I’ll inevitably end up writing a post about the objectification of women in ads as well…).

But seriously. Sexualizing DRAIN CLEANER?

I saw another ad recently (I can’t remember what the product was that they were selling) where a woman was basically falling all over herself and getting incredibly turned on just by looking at a man at a sporting event she was at. Yes, the ad got my attention, but again, I can’t remember what they were selling.

There are so many commercials out there that are over-the-top sexual for no reason. Just look at chocolate commercials. It doesn’t matter what the chocolate is — most commercials selling chocolate show women getting extremely excited over eating the chocolate. The narration is slowed down, the music is relaxing… I find it totally weird.

Again, I understand that sex sells. But it’s becoming completely over the top. This is probably just me being a feminist and all, but these ads are really irritating. I know that this is just another one of those problems that I can merely rant about and hope it changes, but I really think the world of advertising needs a revamp.


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