Another Recent Read!

I got really lucky this summer… three out of four of my favorite authors came out with/are coming out with new books. Last week was Jodi Picoult’s “Between the Lines”; yesterday was Jennifer Weiner’s “The Next Best Thing”; and in a couple of weeks, Emily Giffin’s “Where We Belong” will be released.

(If Sarah Dessen was coming out with a new one this summer my reading experience would be complete… but alas, we have to wait just a bit longer for hers.)

So, because her book came out yesterday, this post is for Jennifer Weiner. 🙂

Yesterday I woke up and immediately downloaded my pre-order “The Next Best Thing” on my Kindle. I (begrudgingly) went to class, then hightailed it to the local coffee shop to get my homework done as fast as possible so I could start reading.

The only reason I put it down for more than a minute was to cook dinner.

The story follows Ruth, a woman following her dreams of screen writing a TV show in Los Angeles. However, it goes so much further than just the TV show. There are very detailed accounts of her past, which draw the reader further into the story. The story was captivating, well written, and kept me interested from beginning to end.

Once again, Weiner has captured real emotions to make her protagonist(s) relatable. Ruth is a strong, inspirational woman overcoming obstacles to reach her dreams, the ultimate one being happiness. I laughed and cried along with Ruth, feeling my heart leap with her triumphs, and my stomach falling with her hardships.

Like with all of Weiner’s other stories, I found myself relating to the protagonist and rooting for her throughout the entire book. (I would love to see her write a book where she incorporated all of her main characters into one story… now THAT would be an incredible show of womanhood!) 🙂

One of my favorite aspects of “The Next Best Thing” is that I did not feel like I was simply reading a story; I felt like I was hearing it from a friend. Weiner’s voice as a writer is so friendly and captivating that it’s very easy to get caught up in the stories.

I was so sad when the story ended … but at the same time I realize that the book couldn’t have gone on forever, and I was content with how everything turned out.

I look forward to more books from Jennifer Weiner — for years, her stories have inspired me to be the best woman I can be, and to write! This book also made me want to pick up and re-read all of her other books, which will absolutely happen soon!

(For anyone looking to read “The Next Best Thing,” I urge you to start with Weiner’s short story “Swim,” available for download through Amazon.)


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