Just finished…

Okay, so… I sat down at about 1 PM today with “Room” by Emma Donoghue. I’d been told by multiple friends and relatives that it’s a great read, so I was eager to try it.

I am so, so glad I did.

For those who are unaware, “Room” is the story of a mother and son living in captivity (think the Jaycee Dugard story). It is told from the five year-old son, Jack’s, perspective. The voice was a bit hard to get used to at first, but I’m glad Donoghue made that fantastic stylistic choice, as it carried the story.

One of my favorite things about “Room” was reading Jack’s perspective and trying to figure out what exactly was going on. That aspect really added to the experience of reading the novel.

I don’t want to say too much about this novel because it really is one of those “you have to read it for yourself” kind of deals. It’s a bit heavy at times, but it is told in such a way that it isn’t totally disturbing.

For those of you out there who like a good, captivating novel, give it a try… I thought it was fantastic!


One thought on “Just finished…

  1. I adored Donoghue’s “Room” as well. (As much as one can adore it given the subject matter…). Captivating is a great way to describe it, although I was disappointed that Donoghue’s other works didn’t level up.

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