This week…

I’m already not a fan of this week.

For one, I was just at home for four days. It was fantastic.

Now I have to be back at school for four days.

Because this week is the last week of summer session 2, a lot comes due. For my Spanish class I’ll have workbook exercises, a composition (that thankfully I’m almost done with), and an exam on Thursday. For my Women’s Studies online class, I will have a 5 page paper and a journal response to 3-4 separate readings. It all may not seem like a lot, but I want to get it all done by Thursday, because once class is over on Thursday I’m going to do what I can to get out of here.

Sunday I leave for Seaside with Dad’s side of the family… We’ve gone to Seaside nearly every summer since I was 7, and since we didn’t go last year (as a family) I’m really, really stoked.

The week after Seaside, Mom’s side is going to Alexander, Maine. It’s going to be a real break from reality. We’ll only have plug-in internet, so we’ll see how much I blog.

I’m just glad to have a month to get away from Lock Haven/Salona… I’m going totally stir-crazy. Being home reminded me just how much I want to finish school and move back (only 5 more months!).

You can take the girl outta Jersey, but you can’t take the Jersey out of the girl. ❤


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