Lack of posts (Or, “a recap of seaside”)

So this week, there’s clearly been a lack of posts from me.

This can be attributed to three things:

1. I was down the shore.

2. I don’t believe in using WiFi while down the shore. (This is the first summer that we’ve had WiFi at my aunt’s house, and I prefer to not be connected to anything other than 3G on my phone.)

3. The FREAKING Tumblr app for iPhone. (It doesn’t post what I blog or reblog. ANNOYING.)

I got back from Seaside a couple of hours ago and figured I’d write something while I wait for my laundry to be done. After I get off work tomorrow, we’ll start our trek to Maine (stopping in Vermont tomorrow night).

Seaside was wonderful. It usually is, but something felt different this time. It could have been the fact that my stepmom was there for the whole week, which hasn’t happened at all since we started going there in 1998. It could also be that we rented a different apartment. Ever since the late 90s, we’ve gone down to Seaside and stayed in my aunt’s “back house.” It’s by no means a house — it’s a two bedroom apartment over the garage. For a while, we made it work and were able to fit five or six of us in there fairly comfortably, but my aunt ended up gifting the apartment to her daughter and her family. Luckily we know the family across the street and were able to rent their upstairs apartment — also two bedrooms, but much more spacious.

So this year, we weren’t all in each other’s space, which was nice. It was also a beautiful week with fantastic weather.

I think one of my favorite parts, though, was how much bonding I got to do with my sister. Most mornings, K and I would get up and go for walks, talking about everything going on in our lives. Ever since she went to college, K and I haven’t had much time to talk or bond or any of that, so it really meant a lot to me that she wanted to walk with me. (Also, she likes to make snarky comments about the strange array of people on the boardwalk, which is always fun.)

Overall, it was a great week. I keep telling my dad how awesome it was for me. It went by way too quickly though. We’re planning it again for next year, and I’m pretty excited. My mom takes us to all sorts of amazing places across the country (and sometimes outside of it), but I really do love the familiarity of going to Seaside with dad.

So tomorrow we’ll head to Maine — something new and different. I’m pretty excited for all of the relaxation, but I know that that, too, will go too fast.

(No WiFi up there, so probably no posts until we return…)


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