Can it be January now?

So, once again, my family will be heading to Orlando.

And I could not be more excited.

Last January, my mom and I took my grandmother to Orlando for a week. We went to all 4 Disney parks, both Universal parks, and Sea World. Because it was just the three of us, it was much more low-key than most of the Orlando trips we’ve gone on — last summer, for instance, there were twelve of us, which is (a) difficult to keep track of and (b) hard to get reservations for.

But with just the three of us, everything was quick and easy. My grandmother was also in a wheelchair — it was a LOT of walking — so we were able to get places much more efficiently (the parks are all extremely accommodating with wheelchairs, and the company we rented the chair from was awesome).

I’ve loved every time I’ve gone to Orlando. Every time has had something specific about it that made it interesting. There have been a few times that we’ve gone with people who have never been there before, and seeing their faces as they walk around the parks is just wonderful. They fall in love with the parks just as I have.

When we went last January, though, it was even more special. For one, I got to spend quality time with my mom and grandmother. We don’t get much time for just the three of us, so it was really nice to have that time with them. The trip was also awesome because, even though we got places more efficiently with the wheelchair, we also got to move a bit more slowly and really take everything in.

When my family went in August 2011 (when there were twelve of us) everyone was running their own ways, going faster and faster as the days went by. But with my mom and grandmother, we took time to see things we’d never seen before.

For example, while waiting for the SpectroMagic (I don’t think it’s still called that… but oh well) parade in the Magic Kingdom, mom held our seats, and my grandma and I went to go look around in the shops on Main Street. We ended up finding an awesome glass blowing exhibition in one of the shops, and she and I stood there for quite a while watching the artist create a cool Donald Duck vase.

When we head back to Orlando in January, it will be me, my mom, my grandma, my sister, and my brother. It’s a family-only trip, and I think it will take the pace of the last trip; taking it slow and really seeing everything.

I’ve already started picking out restaurants to go to in each park and figuring which nights the Disney parks have Extra Magic Hours (since those are the days the specific parks are most crowded). I’ve been bugging my family members, asking them what exactly they want to do. My mom already booked the flight and the house we’ll be staying in.

Basically, even though it’s only August, we’rereally freaking excited.

Even though this will be my 10th time going to Disney, I’m looking forward to seeing new things and having new experiences — no two trips are ever the same.

(Also, I’ve already met Alice, but I need to meet my favorite character — Peter Pan. :))

So, again.. can it be January now? 🙂

(My grandmother and me with Mickey!)


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