Another rant about an advertisement.

Okay. So.

For those of you who don’t want to watch the video, let me describe the commercial I just saw.

It starts out with a little mop-looking thing (it’s hair) having a bad day. But then the hair looks across the office and makes “eye contact” with boobs.

Yes. Boobs.

(Okay, the boobs are in a sweater. But there’s generous cleavage.)

So then, the mop-hair goes outside and misses the bus and is all sad (I felt kind of bad for it). But then the bus drives away and the hair is revealed to be the “gorgeous” hair of a “gorgeous” man. He makes eye contact across the street with the woman who’s boobs his hair was ogling.

THEN the infuriating part: the commercial says something like “Hair: it’s what girls notice first.”


Insinuating that boobs are what guys notice first?

Even if that’s the truth, why do we have to point this out?

Way to go, Axe. Another winner from your advertising department.

(I will say, there is ONE cute Axe commercial. Only one. Here:


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