The importance of family.

I really should be working on my Capstone, but I really wanted to get this post out.

Last week, a good friend of my parents’ passed away. She was very young and it was a total shock. While I couldn’t be home for the wake and funeral, I knew I had to go home last weekend and be with my family.

I told my parents I was planning to come home on Friday after class. As I was driving, I got a phone call – it was my sister. She almost never calls me, so I put her on speaker to try and figure out what was up.

K: “Hey, what are you doing?”

Me: “Driving home. What’s up?”

K: “Well, um, don’t tell mom and dad, but I’m coming home for the weekend.”


Usually it would be me driving home to surprise my parents (I’ve done so in the past), but now that my sister is in college she can also do so.

Not long after my sister called, my mom called me. I put her on speaker and immediately could tell something was wrong — she was crying. She had just gotten done visiting the family of her friend who passed away. I knew my sister had picked the right day to come surprise her.

When I got home, my mom and I decided we were going to reinstate our tradition of going to Friendly’s (something we haven’t done in a while) because we needed comfort food. It took everything I had to not spill the beans that K and her roommate were coming home.

When K got to my mom’s (around 10:30; she went to see my dad first), my mom flipped out. She was so excited to see K and her roommate. We ended up sitting around and talking until past 11. It was just so good to have everyone home.

One big thing I realized this weekend is that I really, really want to be home. K will be moving home five months after me, and my brother is most likely going to commute when he goes to college, so we’ll all be back in the house again. It’s going to be a bit crazy, and I’m stuck with the stigma of being a “boomerang” child, but I don’t care.

I learned this weekend just how important it was to have all of us in one place, especially in the wake of my parents’ friend’s death. Life is going to hit hard, but when we are all together, we flourish.

Just a random picture from this weekend:


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