Keep your damn commitments.

This semester, more than others, I feel like I’m doing. everything. for. everyone.

Most of you already know this, but here’s a glimpse into my life:

I have five classes.

They are all reading-intensive.

One of them is a capstone, which right now is at 40 pages and still needs work.

I have two jobs. I may only work 11 hours a week, but that’s jumping back and forth between the two jobs (10-4 every Tuesday/Thursday). One of the jobs is extremely emotionally taxing sometimes.

For one of those jobs, I am in charge of payroll. I have also somehow gotten put in charge of finding shift covers for people, and working on submissions in our email system. Here’s something people may not realize — I show up for work a half hour early to get those email papers taken care of.

I am a copy editor for the Eagle Eye. Not only does this require outside work (editing stories on my own time); it also requires me to spend from 5 pm to 11 pm on Wednesday nights down in the newsroom editing the paper.

I am also involved with University Players. I am house managing the mainstage show right now; what does that entail? That entails finding ushers and training them; taking tickets before the show; sitting in the lobby for the entire show (which last night ran over 3 hours, so); and making sure no stupid/obnoxious/drunk people get into the theater — which is difficult when all of the professors are requiring their students to be there (and they most likely don’t want to be).

In addition to that, I work at least 2 hours in the box office every week.

AND I’m a part of Sigma Tau Delta, which holds meetings throughout the semester.

AND I’m working on grad school apps.

It’s also nice to get to bed between midnight and 1 AM. Because then I don’t get sick (side note: I’m sick this week. Should-be-in-bed sick. And what am I doing? All of the things listed above).

I do ALL OF THIS… and still manage to keep my commitments.

So when someone tells me they will do something, and then they don’t because they were “too busy” or “forgot”? That’s really. really. annoying.

Keep your damn commitments. Those of us who are already spread ridiculously thin really don’t want to have to cover your ass.

Also, when I say I’m busy? Don’t get pissed off. Don’t roll your eyes at me. When I say I’m busy, I mean it.


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