Beauty in the midst of an ugly semester.

After everything I wrote this morning…

I’m in the newsroom now. And we’re going around bouncing ideas about goofy things we’re thankful for (check out tomorrow’s paper to see our awesome Thanksgiving spread).

But even while we’re throwing around funny ideas, this really is the perfect time to think about all the things I’m thankful for.

Here’s my (very limited) list:

– Family (and the fact that I’ll get to see them next week!)

– Friends (those who have stuck by me for a while are really getting me through this semester).

Holidays (and the chance to be with family and friends).

Books (escapism … enough said)

Music (especially the music that accompanies me on the ride to/from school every day … Kingsfoil <3)

School (I love being able to get a good education and apply to grad school).

And the news room (and my fellow staffies), which gave me a chance to relax, reflect, and feel the best I’ve felt all day. 🙂


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