I am finished with college.

In a way, it’s kind of weird. Saturday went by so quickly it almost didn’t feel real.

It comes in snapshots, sort of; walking in, listening to the commencement speaker, walking across the stage, done.

And now I’m sitting here wondering where the past four and a half years went. Because that, too, came in snapshots.

What’s really nice is that I don’t have to worry about schoolwork for a while. So far today, I woke up (on my own time, without an alarm) and started doing Christmas-related things.

I’m happy to be done, but it hasn’t actually hit me that I’m done yet. It feels like just another break. I have a feeling it won’t hit me until everyone is going back in the spring and I’m not.

Also, did I mention I’m a college graduate? Because yeah, that’s weird. 😛


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