I think it’s now stuck in my head that Walt Disney World is where I want to be.

I’ve been on their website all evening, browsing through all the jobs they have available. While there’s nothing on there where I could use my specific skill sets, I did find a few things in which I would be interested.

But then I realized that I could also go back to school for a second undergrad — take a few classes at our local community college — and then apply for the Disney College Program. I always wished I had taken more classes in Communications, so it wouldn’t be too much of a long shot for me.

With each passing day, my dreams and goals are changing. But (at least for the past week) they’ve revolved around one thing: Disney World.

Yes, I know that those of you who know me will remind me that I was this same way about New York City. But as I said in my post last night, I don’t see Florida as a forever thing; New York could be an after Florida thing. Or something.

I wish I could just write it all out and the answer would come to me, but so far it hasn’t happened. So for now, I’m just thinking and thinking and over-thinking… while listening to Disney music. Ha.

As new opportunities present themselves and new ideas pop into my head, I will continue to think. And think. And over-think. And bookmark jobs on the Disney website. And wonder where life will take me next.


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