My attempt to get employed at the Happiest Place on Earth.

Yes, yes, this is going to be another post about my attempt to get an internship at Walt Disney World. Sorry. (Actually, I am so not sorry.) So far, I have applied for six internships and the Disney College Program. The internships are as follows:

Disney Insititue Content Design Internship: This internship requires the intern to help with the design of instructional materials for the Disney Institute. Some of the qualities they require are expertise in grammar and business writing (thank you, Writing Center employment!); proficiency in the Microsoft Office programs (took a class in said programs in high school, and much of my college work has been done in Word and PowerPoint); communication skills (I’d like to thank the Writing Center, once again, for helping me with my interpersonal skills); ability to handle confidential information (and thank you HOPE Center); comfortable working in an office environment (I’ve worked on and off at the Tribune for years, trust me, I’m comfortable with an office); and copy editing (yay Eagle Eye!). I like to think I’m fairly qualified for this internship.

Management Internship-Theme Park Operations: My application went into the “consideration process,” and then I got an email saying that I was no longer being considered. I’m okay with that – this one was kind of a long shot anyway. While I do have leadership experience, I was missing some of the other qualifications. (Though I do consider English a “related major” to every field…)

Employee Administrative Services Customer Service Internship: My application didn’t even make it to the consideration process for this one – I was immediately rejected. Again, another long shot, so I’m not too worried about it.

Yellow Shoes Associate Copywriter Internship: This is another one which I believe I’m well qualified for. The intern for this one gets to work with creative teams to create materials for the Disney Company; much of it, I believe, will be advertising. Some qualifications include: majoring in Writing (yep); proficiency in Word (see above); organizational/time management skills (has anyone ever seen my class notes? And also, there’s a post somewhere on my blog about all of the activities I was involved in last semester…); and a basic knowledge of the WDW Company History (if you’ve spoken to me recently, I’m sure you’ve heard a Disney factoid or two come out of my mouth).

Walt Disney World Public Relations Internship: This is one I’m especially interested in, given my history of writing press releases for the HOPE Center. Responsibilites, aside from press releases, would include captioning photos, phone coverage, and assisting with hosting media. Qualifications include: computer proficiency (I think I’ve got that one); written and verbal communication skills; experience with journalism (Tribune/Eagle Eye); writing experience with a publication (published in the Sigma Tau Delta journal, the Crucible, Eagle Eye, and Tribune); and ability to balance multiple priorities (again, see that post about all the stuff I was involved in last semester).

Park and Event Ticket Sales Internship: This one was another long shot, but I wasn’t immediately rejected, which is a good sign! I have worked with tickets before (albeit it was the LHU box office, but still), and I think it would be a cool experience. Some qualifications are: guest service skills (something I think I can do because of my job at Admissions); work independently or in a team environment (Writing Center [individual] and HOPE Center [team]); and other qualificiations, most of which I’ve mentioned earlier.

The Disney College Program: This is what I initially wanted to do, until I discovered the internships. The whole time we were in WDW last month, I kept saying I wanted to do the Disney College Program. I just applied for that one a little while ago. While my responsibilites wouldn’t be as specific as they would in an internship, I’d still get the opportunity I want: to work in Walt Disney World.

[edit:] I just did the web interview for the Disney College Program… and I guess I didn’t make the cut. But that’s okay – something will work out, I’m sure of it.

I have filled out the applications. I have uploaded my resume and portfolio. All I can do now is wait and hope that the Disney casting recruiters see something in my application that catches their eye(s). If they don’t, then it wasn’t meant to be and I’ll move on. And if they do — well, I guess I’ll be heading to Florida from June to January! 🙂


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