Trying really hard…

I am trying really, really hard to not blog about Disney World.

But every single day, something happens that gets me even more excited about applying for the Professional Internships.

Today, I went on the Disney Programs Blog and decided to ask a question (admittedly, one I should have asked during my phone interview… hindsight has been driving me crazy lately); can I participate in Disney University?

The answer, because Disney is awesome, was yes.

One of the biggest reasons I am pursuing a Disney Professional Internship is to learn. Not only do I want to learn about working in my field; I also want to learn about Disney itself. I have been delving into every Disney trivia book I can get my hands on — backstage or hidden secrets, tips, and cast member memoirs — but somehow I think actually learning about Walt Disney World while working there would be absolutely incredible.

While I realize that these internships are highly competitive, I also know how qualified I am for the internships to which I have applied. I am excited and nervous for the opportunity. I had my phone interview, and while I do keep overthinking it and wondering if what I said was enough, I also feel confident that that interview, paired with my resume and portfolio, show my skills as comprehensively as possible. The recruiter to whom I spoke was wonderful. She made the experience a lot less nerve wracking than I thought it would be. She also told me that I would know sometime in April if they are going to offer me a position.

So now I wait. And while I wait, I will continue to educate myself.

I may have bought three new Disney books today…


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