Boston, day 2

I wasn’t exactly excited when last night, my mom said, “set your alarm so that you have enough time to be ready to leave at 8:15 for the aquarium.” 8:15? Early. But we wanted to leave early enough that we could walk the two miles to the aquarium. (For those of you who know Boston, we’re staying on Symphony Street.)

It was a nice (albeit cold) walk, and by the time we got to the aquarium, my legs and face were numb and my core was burning up. Not exactly comfortable. To make matters more interesting, the aquarium is under construction. However, there was still a lot to see. One of the cooler parts was watching the fur seals; one of the female seals had a call that sounded very much like a man yelling.

After the aquarium, we walked around Quincy Market, which I remember from our last trip up. Then we went to a restaurant called Anthem. It was freaking awesome. After that, we wandered the shops a bit, then took the train to Harvard Square to meet up with my grandfather and walk around the campus. The school is spectacular. I even got to see their “Writing Program” house!

There’s a cool new & used bookstore there, too. I didn’t spend nearly as much time as I wanted to in there, but I did get a used copy of Paul Auster’s I Thought My Father was God. Then we took the train back to Symphony Street, and here we are relaxing.

I figured I’d throw together another post before I settle in with my Disney book and watch the night go by. My aunt, uncle, and grandfather are going to see a concert at Symphony Hall tonight, but the rest of us are staying at the house to hang out. It’ll be nice to relax after all the walking — plus, the house is nice and warm compared to the outside world!


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