Day three of the Boston weekend

Okay, I can definitely say without a doubt that Boston is a truly cool city. Today, we went to the Science Museum, which was three floors of pure awesomeness. One of the cool parts was a lightning show… the educator showed us how lightning actually goes through tires (your car is grounded because of the metal, not the rubber tires). We also learned (in another exhibit) that newspaper explodes when rotated at 170 mph.

We were at the museum all day, and I can’t even begin to remember every single awesome thing we got to see. But it’s definitely worth going to if you’re in the area.

After the museum we took the train (I actually understand the train system!!!) to an Indian restaurant. I had chicken jalfrozie, which is chicken in a cream/butter sauce with green peppers, onions, and peas. I have only had Indian food once before, and this was a truly awesome meal.

And then we walked to the Prudential Center mall in sleet… and then went back to the house in sleet. The weatherman we listened to this morning described this snow as “mashed potato snow,” and it is definitely taking on that consistency. We’ll be getting up bright and early to head back to Jersey by way of Connecticut.

Just like that, the long weekend is over and we’re headed back to the real world yet again.


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