Gaining Experience…

My dad has been involved with historical trucks for quite some time. When I was in early high school, he brought home a rusty old tow truck and spent the next few years restoring it completely. The finish product, our beautiful truck Larry, has practically become a member of the family. He’s currently living in a show room in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, but will be returning home in the spring to be shown in the spring and summer truck shows.

My dad has had multiple other trucks aside from Larry; right now, we also have Boomer and Arthur, which are both “in process” restorations. My dad joined our local chapter of the American Truck Historical Society, and has been heavily involved with the club for a while. He was the president during 2012, and now is the membership chair.

When I made it clear that I was coming home after college, my grandfather, also a club member, asked if I would take over Stacktalk, the monthly newsletter that is sent to the other members. I eagerly said yes, as I am looking to gain more experience creating newsletters.

While in college, I had the opportunity to create two different newsletters; one was for the Student Support Services program, and one was for the HOPE Center. I loved writing the articles and experimenting and creating in Publisher, and maybe I’m a little biased, but I think my newsletters came out fantastic. I discovered I really liked doing layouts, so when the opportunity to create the Stacktalk newsletter came up, I was quick to take it over.

February was my first month as Stacktalk editor. While my mom helped with layout, I got to do editing and a little bit of writing. This month, I will be learning layout (in Indesign, which I started learning working for the Eagle Eye) so I can do it myself. I am very excited for this new opportunity.

Many of the Disney Professional Internships I applied for involve creating newsletters… I think it’s definitely something I could see myself doing! 🙂


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