_The Storyteller_

I just finished Jodi Picoult’s newest novel, _The Storyteller_. I do not understand how she does it, but Picoult writes incredible novels, one right after the other. This one is a perfect addition to her already fantastic collection of novels.

Protagonist Sage Singer is a loner, working as a baker not just because of her passion for baking, but because she prefers the solitary nature of the job. When she starts getting to know an elderly customer at the bakery (and fellow grief counselling attendee), Josef Weber, a world of secrets and horrors opens up around her. Through the use of multiple perspectives, Picoult is able to weave together stories of survival, grief, regret, love, hate, confusion, sadness, happiness, and so much more.

I feel like delving into the plot will end up giving away even the smallest of details, so I’ll just say this: read this book. I personally read it in just a matter of a few days — when I was not reading, I was thinking abou the story (and planning my day so that I would have some extra reading time). I did not want it to end, and yet I wanted to know the ending. The book consumed me, and I hope it will do the same for anyone else who reads it.



One thought on “_The Storyteller_

  1. Sarah says:

    Jodi Picoult is my favorite author. I don’t know how she does it either, but she manages to write plots in her novels that consume me every time. The Storyteller was amazing, so I couldn’t agree more with you’re opinion!

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