I’m starting to get tired of this.

There has been way too much gay bashing in my life lately.

And, quite frankly, I am tired of it.

Homosexuality is not “weird.” Homosexuality is not “wrong.” Homosexuality is not a “problem.” What’s weird, wrong, and a problem, is people’s blatant disgust and outward hatred of their fellow human being.

What I love about the gay community is this — they really don’t judge the straight community. Gay people don’t care that straight people are straight. So why are there so many straight people who care that gay people are gay?

Defending the topic of gay rights (aka human rights for gays, though there should be no distinction) is exhausting, and I hate that I still feel the need to do so. But as long as there are still people making problems out of nothing, I will continue to defend it.

I sincerely hope that someday soon gay people don’t have to worry about being denied awards they rightfully deserve (this gem right here). I hope that our society realizes that, if you don’t agree with someone’s lifestyle, DON’T LIVE THAT LIFESTYLE. Gay people are not forcing their lifestyle on you. They are simply asking for basic rights and tolerance, both of which they absolutely deserve.

Okay. I can’t even write about this anymore.

It’s been a long day.


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