A Daily Dose of Mickey: How Disney makes its way into my everyday life

A couple of months ago, I read this awesome post by this awesome blogger, Blake Taylor. Definitely read his post — it’s all about how Disney creeps its way into everyday life.

Ever since I read the post, I noticed just how often I see Disney in my daily life. Most of it, I bring on myself. I use a pin lanyard to hold my car keys. I have a “4 Parks” keychain. I use a Mickey bobblehead pen at work. I have a slew of Disney jewelry and shirts. I have Disney plushes that live on my bed. I have little foam Mickey heads that hang from my rearview mirror. There’s even Mickey hand soap in my bathroom. My park tickets from trips past still live in my wallet, along with Mickey parade confetti and my D23 membership card.

I love having these little “daily doses of Disney” pop up in my life. It’s part of the reason why I turned my tumblr blog into a (mostly) Disney blog. I get excited when I see someone wearing Disney Parks apparel or when I drive behind someone who has a Disney sticker on their car. Disney is what makes me happy, so why wouldn’t I want to see little reminders of Disney in my everyday life?

So yeah, there may be a lot of Mickey memorabilia in my daily life, and yeah, people do comment on it. But you know what? I always appreciate having that little pick-me-up and reminder of the brand which makes me so happy. 🙂


Just the Disney stuff of mine that I saw this morning…


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