Take Two: My attempt to get employed with the Happiest Company on Earth

So today began take two of my Disney Professional Internship applications. I’ve been checking every few days to see if applications were posted (the email said “late August”), and today, finally, there were over 200 job listings added to the Disney Careers website.

I filled out five applications, all of which I tried for last round, but this time I was able to add that I’m pursuing a Master’s in Communications. As all of the internships I applied for have a communications component, I was happy to add that piece to my resume and education.

One interesting aspect of the applications this round is that each one requires a separate cover letter. I’m pretty sure I only had one posting require a cover letter last time… but either way, I wrote out five cover letters today. I sent in each application with a smile and a wish. I’m hoping this round is my time.

And if it isn’t… hey, I still have three semesters of grad school in which to apply! 😉

At this point, I’ve got a lot of waiting to do. In general, it can be about a six to eight week process, and I doubt I’ll hear anything for a few weeks. The deadlines are all in late September/early October, and of course I got my applications done on the first day. This time, though, I’ll at least have school to keep my mind off of things. So, we’ll see. Like last time, I’m glad this is teaching me patience. I’m looking forward to what the future may bring!


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