An update already?


After putting in my Disney Professional Internship applications on Monday, I was prepared to do a lot of sitting and waiting.

But today, I checked my email, and sure enough, there was an email asking me to schedule a phone interview.


I was actually shocked for a moment. I couldn’t believe that I got the email so fast! When I logged into my dashboard this morning, I was surprised to see that my status bar went from “Submission” (the initial phase after submitting the application) to “In Progress” (which is where most of my applications sat during the last round).

I was even MORE surprised when I logged in to double check my interview time and saw that the status bar moved to “Interview Stage” — even after I interviewed during the last round, my application stayed in the “In Progress” stage. So. I’m thinking really good thoughts about this one.

My interview is primarily for the Disney Institute Content Design internship, same as last time, and I’m quite excited about it.

The interview is on Thursday at 11 AM. I’m hoping it goes well, especially since I kind of have an idea of what’s coming because of my last interview. Instead of nerves, I’m feeling all positivity for this.

Just think of the happiest things; it’s the same as having wings!


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