Night three.

I enjoyed my third night of grad school just as much as my first two.

Tonight, I had Survey of Public and Organizational Relations, which is another sort of introductory course. After going over the syllabus, we learned a little about what public relations is. Really, when it comes down to it, PR isn’t just about making a company look good; it’s about fostering meaningful relationships with the publics. That’s another thing I’ve been learning — there are many different kinds of publics.

One of the first things the professor asked us about ourselves is what our focus is. I told him flat out that I don’t know yet, and he said that’s perfectly fine. I’m definitely interested in PR (pretty much all of the internships I applied for are somehow PR related), but who knows? Organizational comm looks pretty interesting, too.

The other aspect of grad school that I need to decide is what I’m going to do for my “end result.” We have the option to either do a thesis or an exam. At first, I thought I’d do the thesis; I enjoyed writing my Capstone so much that I figured another big project would be great. But then when I met with the department head over the summer, he explained the exam option; as I understand it, I get to take more classes that way. I’m thinking that’s what I may pursue. However, I was talking to a girl from my class and she said that she’s been jumping back and forth between the two ideas. As I take classes, my ideas may change too. We’ll see.

Either way, like I keep saying, I am so excited to be back in school. I can’t wait to see where this adventure takes me!


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