The Rejections

The hardest part of the application process for the Disney Internship program isn’t the waiting.

It’s the rejections.

Now, this all depends on how many internships you apply for. If you apply for five, logically you’ll get at least four rejections. During the last round, I was reminded by a good friend that you have to be rejected by most to be accepted for one. But that doesn’t make the “No Longer In Consideration” emails and note on your dashboard sting any less.

In the last week, I’ve received three rejections. I applied for six internships, so to still be “In Consideration,” especially as we head toward the application deadline, is fantastic.

My first rejection email came from the Associate Copywriter position. “The position has been filled.” Okay, so maybe the current intern decided to extend. No problem.

My second rejection came from the Media Relations position. “We are not pursuing your candidacy for this position.” That’s fine; I’m not the most qualified person for the job. Moving on.

My third rejection came from the Walt Disney World Public Relations position. Again, “the position has been filled.” Hm. As fantastic as this position would have been, I can handle that. If I were a Disney intern with the option to extend, I probably wouldn’t pass it up.

As I mentioned before, the rejection stings a little. Especially the latter two, since they would really help me gain experience in my current field. But I’m still “In Consideration” for three: the Disney Institute Content Design Internship (the position I stayed in consideration for the longest last round), the Communications Internship, and the Sales & Travel Operations Public Relations Internship. And with more positions being posted each day, the opportunities certainly don’t end here.

And so the waiting continues… November 25th is my “you’ll hear by this day” date, and if October and November go as fast as September has, it will be here before I know it. I just know that I’ll be getting at least two more rejection emails, and I know they’re going to be just as upsetting as the previous three has been.

But as I’ve said, I’m just going to keep trying. A Disney internship is my dream, and, as disheartening as rejections are, I can’t let myself give up. I have four semesters of grad school to make this happen. I’m not going to sit back and let them go by without trying — I’m going to work to better myself. I’ve heard a million times that you shouldn’t give up on your dreams, and I believe that more and more each day. My dream is to work for the Walt Disney Company, and I’m going to do whatever I can to make that happen.

Until then, I’ll be sitting here doing my grad school work and refreshing my email and dashboard every ten minutes. (Okay, maybe it’s more like every three minutes…) 🙂


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