The Disney College Program

I have always said that one of my biggest regrets in life was not doing the Disney College Program while in my undergrad at LHU.

When I first started applying to the Internships Program last fall, I also applied for the DCP on a whim. I didn’t pass the web based interview, but I was okay with it because I was under the impression that I couldn’t apply to the DCP and DPIs at the same time.

Well, today I logged onto the Disney Programs Blog to see if there were any new posts. There was a post about debunking the DCP myths. One of the myths was that you can’t apply for the DCP and DPIs at the same time. Well guess what. You can.

So, of course, I quickly filled out the application for the DCP. While I would prefer a Disney Professional Internship (it would be more focused on my field and career goals), the DCP would be a great way to start fulfilling my dream of working for the Walt Disney Company, and could lead to big opportunities.

After filling out my application, I got an email saying that I would hear about a possible web interview by November 15th. Well, the web interview came in about 40 minutes later. I worked my way through that and was redirected to a screen telling me I passed the interview and would be receiving follow up information about a phone interview.

So guess who has a phone interview tomorrow?

While a position in the DCP wouldn’t be as ideal, as it probably wouldn’t be in my field, I am still excited to be considered. There is so much to learn through the DCP, and so many possibilites that could come from it. So, we’ll see where this ends up!

And now, I’m going to return to working on the writing sample that was requested of me for one of the internships I’m in consideration for…




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