When a loved one goes to Disney World without you.

My sister is leaving for Walt Disney World tomorrow.

While I am so excited for her, I constantly have this pang in my stomach because I’m not going. In the ten months or so since I was last there, I’ve tried to come up with both money and time to get myself down there. But because of this thing called adulthood, it hasn’t worked out yet.

For the past month or so, I’ve been sporadically helping her plan for her trip. I got her and her boyfriend tickets to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party (something I myself have never experienced). I’ve been trying really, really hard not to micromanage — after all, this is her trip. It’s her time to spend with her boyfriend (he’s doing the Disney College Program and they haven’t seen each other since August). It’s her time to celebrate right before her birthday. To take a break from how hard she’s been working in school. I’m so proud of her. And she really deserves to have an incredible trip.

This isn’t the first time my sister has gone to WDW when I can’t. Nor will it be the last, I’m sure. But I’ve never had it bother me so much. The other day, one of my Twitter peers posted photos of his mom facetiming him from the parks. Even though he wasn’t there, he had a look of absolute joy on his face as he watched the parade, and later, “Wishes.” It got me thinking about how us Disney parks super fans cope with our loved ones going to the parks without us. We’re happy for them, but still feeling little pangs of sadness because we’re not there. While I know I need to just let it go and move on with my weekend (a weekend of work, graduate school homework, and hopefully some shopping with my mom), I’m secretly hoping that my sister snap chats me and sends me pictures throughout her entire weekend.

And I really need to keep in mind that, if I get a Disney internship, I’ll be down there for six months or more, and I’ll probably be playing in the parks as much as I can. And then it will be my turn to snap chat and send my sister pictures. 🙂


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