DCP Phone Interview

So I just finished up my DCP phone interview. It started a little early (11:22 instead of 11:30), but I was ready to go by 11:15. I prepared for the interview by figuring out what my top three roles were, and I wrote out some reasons why.

My top three roles ended up being Merchandise, Hopper, and Main Entrance Operations, but my interviewer, Michelle, only asked for my top two. I thought about it quickly and said that Main Entrance Operations and Hopper were my top two. I explained to her that I chose Main Entrance Operations because I am interested in being one of the first cast members that guests interact with as they enter the park. I explained that I was interested in the Hopper role because it’s a way to learn all different roles — Quick Service Food & Beverage, Merchandise, Attractions, Custodial, and Main Entrance Operations.

My interviewer was incredibly upbeat and fun to talk to. She first asked me “why Disney,” to which I explained the same thing that I told my DPI interviewer: I want to create magic for the guests the way I’ve had magic created for me within the Parks. Next, she asked me to summarize my work experience, and was impressed with my diverse work history. She also asked if I like to keep busy, which I do. We then spoke about what each role entails, and I explained that I was comfortable with each role’s requirements. She asked me some basic work questions, too, like how I’ve dealt with a difficult guest.

After that, we discussed housing and the “Disney Look” (I again explained my tattoos; it’s a bit different for the DCP because most roles are on-stage, but she told me that as long as I was receptive to covering my tattoos with makeup or sleeves it shouldn’t be much of an issue).

Overall, I felt really comfortable throughout the entire interview. There was nothing I wasn’t prepared to answer, and the whole time I was excited to share my experience. I wasn’t even nervous!

So now begins another waiting period. I’ve heard of people hearing back within four days, and others who get pended for four weeks. I made doubly sure that I would be able to accept a DCP offer and then switch to a DPI role if it were to happen that way, and Michelle said the process is easy and seamless.

Hopefully good news will come soon… until then, I’ll be wishing on every star. 🙂


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