The Legacy Award: How Kevin Inspired Me

Back in January when my family did the Keys to the Kingdom Tour in Walt Disney World, we learned that cast members who have blue name tags have received the highly prestigious “Legacy Award” for excellent service within the Walt Disney Company.

Later on our trip, we were eating at Mama Melrose in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Our waiter was a gentleman named Kevin. Someone in our party (I can’t remember who) pointed out that Kevin was wearing a blue nametag.

We explained to Kevin that we knew his nametag was a high honor, and he told us that, not only was he a Disney Legacy Award Recipient, he was also the first cast member to receive this award (I can’t remember if he said in Walt Disney World or in the entire company, but either way, he was a first).

Kevin is a truly incredible man. He has been with the company for quite some time, and in every action he took, he radiated Disney. I was so blessed to have met him.

As we were getting to the end of our meal, I explained to Kevin that it had always been my dream to work for Disney. He told me to keep his name in mind and mention it to recruiters. While I did not do this (I wanted to get the job on my own), I need to thank Kevin for giving me the push I needed to live my dreams.

One of the first things I want to do when I get to Walt Disney World in February is find Kevin and thank him in person. I’m sure he won’t remember me, but I want him to know how much he truly inspired me — he’s one of the reasons I’ll be living my dream next year!

Here’s what other Disney fans are saying about Kevin.

So thank you, Kevin, for your incredible service to the Walt Disney company. 🙂


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