WDW Bucket List

It’s amazing to me that I’m quickly approaching the “one month til check-in” date. The semester flew by — as usual, I feel weird not having any schoolwork to do, but I’m enjoying the down time before the DCP. I spent much of yesterday afternoon creating my bucket list; I’m one of those people who still handwrites lists, so I have it all written down (and color coded) in what I’ve dubbed my “DCP Notebook.” I did type it up for my Tumblr, though, so here it is:

– watch “wishes” from the polynesian.
- stay for the goodnight kiss.
- stay in each park from open to close.
- visit every resort (and take pictures!).
- collect paper fast passes (if they’re still there…)
- eat at every pavilion in the world showcase.
- four parks, one day.
- attend dapper day.
- buy an ear hat with my name on it.
- the kitchen sink challenge (not alone oh gosh no).
- see every parade and every night show.
- go on every attraction (yes, i have a list of every one…).
- meet all of the characters currently doing meet and greets.
- get a picture in front of each park’s “icon.”
- see every stage show.
- do at least one character breakfast.
- get starbucks at the magic kingdom.
- be at the rope drop for each park.
- visit each park alone.
- take a picture of every attraction.
- go to the parks just to do meet and greets.
- go to each park just to people watch.
- get a map at each park.
- go to the animation academy and draw different characters.
- get a mickey ice cream bar.
- get lots and lots of dole whip.
- buy some on-ride photos.
- buy a mickey balloon for me.
- buy a mickey balloon for a guest.
- go to the top of the contemporary.
- get a dcp hoodie and other dcp merch.

I also have a list of all of the restaurants I want to visit, and each resort that I want to visit. And each of the characters I plan to meet. Yeah, it’s a lot of lists. But despite the fact that I’ve been to Walt Disney World on ten separate trips, there are still things I haven’t done, most of which are now on my bucket list. I’m so excited to get started!

I’m sure this month is going to fly by, so I’m going to savor it as much as I can. It’s going to be strange not being in my house for seven months — I think the longest I’ve been away is really just a month or two. When I lived in Lock Haven, I was home at least once a month for various weekend events. But it will be a little harder to head home for a weekend when there’s a plane ride involved. I’m glad that my family and boyfriend are planning to visit. Familiar faces will be good. But I’m excited for all of the new people I’ll get to know, especially those who I’ve been talking to over various forms of social media.

I’m constantly alternating between out of my mind excited and terrified, because my anxiety is trying to get the better of me. But I know that, no matter what, this is my dream, and I need to push past my anxiety and live it. I think once I get there and get settled I’ll be able to handle my anxiety a bit better.

Okay, back to work… I’ll be writing again soon, I hope!


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