my dcp bucket list!

okay, so, i wanted to make a master post of my bucket list that i’ll be able to edit as i complete things. so here it is! 🙂

i also have the entire thing handwritten into my “autographs” book, so i can carry it around with me in the parks. (also, i just really like handwritten lists…)

(the items in bold are the ones i absolutely 100% need to complete… though i plan to try and complete all of it!)

+ watch ‘wishes’ from the polynesian
+ see the ‘goodnight kiss’
+ stay in each park from open to close
+ visit every hotel
+ eat at every world showcase pavilion
+ four parks, one day
+ dapper day
+ get an ears hat
+ do the ‘kitchen sink’ challenge with my roommates
+ see every parade/night show
+ visit every attraction
+ meet every princess
+ see every stage show
+ do a character breakfast
+ get starbucks in the magic kingdom
+ go to each park alone
+ do at least one full day of just character meet and greets
+ get a map from each park
+ meet each of the main characters (mickey & friends)
+ draw pictures at the animation academy
+ get a mickey ice cream bar
+ get a dole whip
+ buy a mickey balloon for me
+ buy a mickey balloon for a child
+ go to the top of the contemporary
+ buy a dcp hoodie/other dcp merch
+ go to each park just to people watch
+ make a wish in cinderella’s wishing well
+ watch ‘wishes’ from every land in the magic kingdom
+ watch the MSEP from different lands
+ experience character palooza
+ meet talking mickey
+ go on outside attractions at night (ex: jungle cruise)
+ take a plush to each park (get pictures of duffy & olaf!)
+ participate in a cast member only tour
+ voluntEAR
+ find & interact with PUSH
+ take a DVC tour with my family
+ characters in flight

+ get a picture in front of each park’s icon
+ take a picture of every attraction
+ take (non flash) photos on different attractions
+ buy some on-ride photos
+ get a picture on empty main street
+ get a picture in an empty monorail car
+ get a picture in each world showcase location
+ get a picture with a character i’m disneybounding
+ take selfies with characters
+ take pictures of hidden mickeys

i also have lists of every attraction/show/parade/resort/restaurant i want to visit… and a list of every character i want to meet… i’ve got this thing very organized. haha.

my dcp journey starts so soon! i can’t wait to get started! 🙂


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