And so, my DCP journey has begun!

So yesterday was a heck of a day. Actually, it was a heck of a weekend, too; my dad and I started our drive at 6 AM on Saturday, and made it to Savannah, Georgia by 8 PM that night. It was a really lovely drive… my dad did the bulk of the driving, and we covered over 800 miles that first day. Then we woke up Sunday and got on the road by 8 AM to make it to my aunt’s house in Kissimmee by about 1 PM. We hung out, ate some great food, and watched the Super Bowl.

I woke up at 5:30 yesterday morning and got ready to leave Kissimmee at 6:30. I drove to the All Star Movies resort, where two of my roommates were staying, and our other roommate met us there so we could all drive to check-in together. We got to check-in around 8:15 and waited in line for a little while to get our roles and housing assignments. I found out that my role will be usher/ticket ops at Downtown Disney, which the power that be believe means I’ll be at Cirque de Soliel! I’ll find out for sure later this week.

After check-in, where my roommates and I found out that we got our first-choice housing — a two bedroom in the Commons! — we went to move our stuff in and then headed to the bus to Casting. At Casting we finalized paperwork, got our schedule for the next few days, and got our fingerprints done. Then we got on the bus back and went to Walmart to get some staple items, and went to Downtown Disney for dinner at House of Blues. After that, we headed back to the apartment to unpack.

Today is great so far — we cooked breakfast (by “we” I mean mostly roommate Kelly), and now we’re just hanging out waiting for our respective housing meetings (we got split up — two of us are at 11, two are at 2). Later we’re doing a big grocery run and then just hanging out and relaxing. Tomorrow we all have the day off so we’re going to continue relaxing and getting settled. Thursday is Traditions — bright and early at 8 AM (bus at 6:45). Friday starts training (8 AM – 12 PM for me). After that, I have no idea what’s going on. Haha. But I’ll find out soon!

I’m really loving it here. My roommates are wonderful, our housing is great, and I’m really enjoying my time here so far. Can’t wait to actually get into the swing of things… 🙂


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