Training Day #1

So yesterday was my first training day for Cirque. I was super nervous at first, and I was rushing through the locker room trying to get myself ready and meet up with my trainer. There are only two of us training, which is really nice. The costume is a little… busy, but SO COMFORTABLE. It feels like I’m wearing scrubs!

First we went and took a little tour of the Cirque building. Our trainer showed us where everything is, including the lockers, restrooms, and break room. Then we went over to DisneyQuest for a bit of e-learning (and I got my Hub access, finally!). After e-learning we went over to get ready for the show. For the 6:00 show, I got to watch as a guest. Let me just tell you, if you’ve never seen La Nouba, you have to. It’s incredible. No spoilers, though. 😉

After the first show, we helped with clean-up and got ready for the 9:00 show. For that, my trainer had us help with the elevator line, which gets wheelchair/disabled guests up to their seats. I got to scan tickets and interact with guests, which was awesome! I got my break during the 9:00 show, and got to watch the Olympics in the break room for a bit. After the show we helped clean the theater again and that was that!

I know this is just a quick post, but we learned SO MUCH that I don’t even know where to start. If you have any specific questions, drop me a comment/message and I’d be happy to answer it.

Today I resume earning my ears! I’m in training until the end of the week, and then I have my assessment — wish me luck!



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