My greeting experience.

So for the past week I’ve been training at DisneyQuest. It’s been okay (though I miss my Cirque family a lot and can’t wait to be there tomorrow!), but today was just weird.

I got to work and my coworker told me that my trainer had called out. Because I haven’t been assessed yet, and there were no other trainers available, I couldn’t have my own window. So they had to give me a job to do…

I greeted guests outside DisneyQuest for eight hours.

(I can’t even count how many times I answered “What is DisneyQuest?”.)

While it definitely felt like the longest shift ever, in hindsight it wasn’t terrible. I met some pretty cool Quest attractions CMs, and had some fantastic guest interactions, including getting bossed around by a two year old and, of course, doing everything she told me to.

It isn’t something I would want to do on a regular basis — oh, also, it was only 55 degrees today (thank goodness I stopped to get a jacket!) — but it’s something I could do again, if need be.

Again, I’m glad to be back at Cirque tomorrow. And I’m glad that I’m there for four days next week. I miss the place terribly. But I’m finding that I can deal with DisneyQuest. 🙂


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