A very rambling post.

Obviously I don’t update my blog every day. In fact, it’s been quite a while. But I feel like if I updated every day, it would get repetitive. Especially in weeks like this, where I’m at Cirque four days in a row.

I’m still having the time of my life down here. I still never want to leave. I literally feel like I could work at Cirque du Soleil — or even Downtown Disney — for the rest of forever.

It’s interesting; when I got my acceptance and found out where I’d be, I was disappointed that I wasn’t in a park. I, like most others, wanted to be in the Magic Kingdom. However, now that I’m pretty established at Downtown Disney, I couldn’t imagine working anywhere else. Gone is the desire to pick up shifts in the parks (though I suppose I could, with my box office/ATS training). On my birthday, I’ll be doing four parks, one day, and then ending my day at Downtown Disney. It’s become my happy place moreso than the Magic Kingdom. Don’t get me wrong; I still absolutely love the parks and cherish every opportunity to go there. But I’m not disappointed to find that I can’t really go to the parks again until my birthday weekend (yay 12 days on in a row!). I’m happy to go spend the time at Downtown Disney.

Yesterday was easily the worst day I’ve had on the job thus far. I don’t want to go into details — I kind of just want to leave yesterday behind me — but I don’t think things could have gotten much worse. However, I woke up today knowing it’s a new day and I’ll be at Cirque four days in a row. I’m not terribly excited to be at Quest four days next week, but I do need the practice in the box office and I’m grateful to have the valuable training with the ATS system.

It’s not that I hate Quest. I really don’t. I just prefer the fast-paced shifts at Cirque (and of course I love seeing the show as often as I do). I love seating people and getting the opportunity to chat a bit with guests. With Quest, it’s really transaction-based, so I feel like I only get to talk with a couple of guests, most of whom are very interested in where Montclair State University is. (Though, I will say I had the best family come up to the window last night; a dad and his three kids who were SO EXCITED to go in — I think the dad was more excited than the kids — and the dad just kept making the funniest comments, like when he picked up the Minnie ticket and said he’d be Minnie because he’s secure in his masculinity. SO funny.)

Quest can also be really quiet, and while I’m grateful for the down time sometimes, it can get a little boring if you’re there by yourself (as I was yesterday). However, I love getting to know the guest relations cast members. I’ve also decided that, though I initially wanted to try and get involved with guest relations in the future, it’s not for me. So that’s good to know.

This post is all over the place, I know. But really there’s not a lot to say! Right now I’m drinking coffee and waiting for my laundry to be done — with this washer/dryer, it’s a risk to wash costume pieces right before my shift, but it’s raining and I really don’t want to walk from the OPQ parking lot (behind Cirque) to costuming in the rain.

Maybe I’ll have a more solid update soon. I’m thinking about possibly setting up a meeting with my managers to discuss going seasonal after my program. As amazing as extending would be, I really don’t think it’s a possibility for me. But because I have family in the area, I think it would be easy to take some time to come down here and get my 150 hours done (if I get hired as seasonal). And it’s a way to keep an “in” with the company. We’ll see.

Okay, signing off of this ramble post. Until next time… have a magical day!


2 thoughts on “A very rambling post.

  1. Rosemarie S. says:

    Hi Caitlin, Sorry to ask this, because you said you answered it over and over one day – but what exactly is Quest? I really am not sure! : )

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