It’s probably time for an update.

So I recently hit the halfway mark of my program. While it’s still everything I want it to be and more, the past few weeks have been so weird.

Cirque was dark for two weeks, which meant that all of us Cirque CMs got deployed to other locations. I took most of the two weeks off because my family was coming. The days I didn’t take off, I was deployed to, of all places, DisneyQuest. My manager had told me that it wasn’t likely that I would get deployed to my other work location (because of senority and such), but it happened. I also had two Fantasmic shifts that I ended up giving away because the idea of having to control that large of a crowd gave me really bad anxiety. So I worked four shifts at DisneyQuest and spent the rest of the two weeks with my family (and stayed in the rental house with them), which was awesome.

I came back to find out that my roommate was leaving the program for health reasons. I found this out on the same day I got an email saying that we would be getting new furniture in our bedroom — a bunk bed, a platform bed, a new dresser, and possibly new nightstands. So, my roommate moved out (I wish her all the best and still love her to pieces), and now I will be getting new furniture and, in the near future, two new roommates. In my room. For now, I’m just enjoying having my own space for a little while.

I went back to work at Cirque last night — or tried to. I’ve been sick for the past couple of days (I ended up getting an ER from Quest on Sunday night). I thought I would be fine yesterday, but I ended up going to my manager and telling him I didn’t feel well. Luckily one of my coworkers had come in hoping to be a spare, so she took over my shift. Unfortunately, I got sent home. So I missed the show and a shift that I’ve been looking forward to for weeks. However, my manager put it right — there would be other shows, and my health was more important. I’m still not 100% right, but I feel better enough to go to work tomorrow.

What I’m learning right now is that I really need a lifestyle change. I’ve been kind of floating lately, not doing much of anything. But today, I went and bought groceries that will (hopefully) improve my health. I want to start trying yoga at home instead of just sitting around before work. I’ve said it a hundred times before, but I really need to start taking care of myself both physically and mentally. I’m starting with little changes that will hopefully become bigger when I move back to Jersey in August. We’ll see how things go.

I guess that’s all for now. Depending on when they bring my furniture (hopefully before I go to work so that I don’t have to make my bed at midnight when I get home), I’ll post pictures of the new setup tomorrow. Trying to make the best of this… we’ll see what happens.


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