Disney College Program – Phone Interview

2016 has been a whirlwind so far.

I wasn’t anticipating Disney College Program and Professional Internship applications to drop until February, so I’ve just been biding my time and preparing for school to start.

So imagine my surprise when DCP apps opened on January 12th.

I got home from work, filled out the application, and played the waiting game for a couple of hours. My web interview showed up in my inbox right after I got in bed — go figure. But I budgeted out time the next evening to get it done, and was immediately selected for a phone interview. As my dad put it, “well, this is all happening very fast!”

I just finished my phone interview a little while ago. I’ve done a handful of phone interviews with Disney, but this was by far one of the most fun. My recruiter, Susan, has been in her role for ten years, and her experience shows. She made me feel completely comfortable right off the bat as we joked around about the weird spelling of my last name. 

My interview lasted 21 minutes. Susan started by asking me about my previous role with the company, and where I worked. On her sheet, it said Downtown Disney, “Pleasure Island Ticketing,” but as she pointed out, Disney hasn’t sold Pleasure Island tickets in a very long time! I explained to her that I was actually on the West Side doing ticketing ops for La Nouba and DisneyQuest. 

She then asked if I was receptive to Disney Look. I told her that I was, and we discussed my tattoos and how I plan on covering them. Next, we briefly discussed housing and general role requirements (standing, temperatures, etc). Then we got to the questions about some of my work experiences. She asked me about a difficult guest situation, and since I was feeling confident, I went with the story about the guest who lost her car. Susan was in hysterics over this story, especially when I got to the part about “Well, if you can’t find my car, how am I supposed to find it?” After a good laugh about that, she asked me about an emergency situation I handled, and then we jumped into talking about roles.

Susan asked me what my top three role choices are, and I told her attractions, merchandise, and Photo Pass. She then asked if I wanted to request a specific location, reminding me that, while there are no guarantees, she could make a note on  my file. I told her I wanted to be in a park, and that if I could get more specific, I would love to be in Main Street Operations or park entry at Magic Kingdom. I think my want of Main Street stuck, because when she asked me about merchandise, she used The Emporium as an example of a merch placement.

Next, she asked me about Photo Pass and my experience with digital cameras. I told her that much of my photography is a hobby, but that I usually photograph the Disney Parks. I also told her that I got a new digital camera for Christmas and I’m excited to try it out. She then asked me a couple of questions about other roles I’m interested in — Seater (formerly Full Service Food & Beverage) and Character Attendant. We discussed a couple of scenarios for each role.

At the end, she told me about what to expect in the coming weeks. She also encouraged me to keep an eye out for Professional Internship applications, because she wants to see me put my writing skills to use. However, she said the DCP can be a stepping stone for those, too. I then asked her about her experience with the company, and we talked about her advice for CP hopefuls who want to turn the CP into a career — network, network, network!

Overall, I feel incredibly good about this interview. While I’m definitely applying for Professional Internships once the applications open, I would definitely be okay with another College Program.

So now the waiting game begins. Most people are being told that they’ll hear something by late March, so it could be a while. But the process has started, and I am SO EXCITED about where this journey will take me!



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