The Waiting Game (and Getting My Thoughts Out)

When you apply for the Disney College Program, you spend a lot of time waiting.

First, you wait for applications to open. Then, once you submit your application, you wait to see if you got a Web Based Interview. For me, that wait was an hour or so. For others, it could be days. Then, if you get the Phone Interview, you wait to schedule it. Then you wait for the actual interview. 

After the phone interview, arguably the most agonizing wait begins — the wait for a decision.

I’ve been “In Progress” for almost a week now. Being that I only had to wait four days for my previous acceptance, a week feels like forever. 

(I know I’m being a little dramatic, but just remember, if I get offered a position with the Disney College Program, it will be the first stepping stone into a career with Disney.)

While I’ve been waiting (and refreshing my email about 300 times a day), I’ve been thinking about what exactly it is that I want from a job with Disney. Getting such a positive response when I requested a work location has me completely convinced that what I need right now is a guest-interactive role. A role where I can make Disney magic, in a Disney theme park, for Disney guests. While there were many opportunities to do that on my last College Program, Downtown Disney certainly was not the most magical place on earth. I want a new and different experience, preferably in the Magic Kingdom. I want to learn how to handle whatever kind of guest situation is thrown at me.  I want to pick up shifts in new and different areas. I want to learn as much as I can, and make magic while doing that.

Will that be what I want a year from now? Maybe, maybe not. But a year from now, I’ll have the opportunity to pursue something different, if I want (and if Disney wants to keep me). 

The issue I’m finding with my initial plan, which was to apply for a CP but also Professional Internships, is that many Professional Internships aren’t guest facing. They’re in other areas of the Parks & Resorts, which is great, but isn’t what I want right now. I’ll be applying for a few, but even though I’m going to be 26 years old and will have a master’s degree, I want to find my fit within the company through a front line role first.

People have voiced their opinions on this, but ultimately, right now, I’m going to pursue a role that right now, from afar, feels fulfilling to me. Things may change. Plans may not go the way I anticipate they will. But ultimately, if accepted, I plan to use the CP as a networking tool to work my way to finding what I want. This is only the beginning of what I hope will be an amazing journey.

But for now, until a decision comes through my email, I continue to wait. And wait. And speculate with other hopefuls about when acceptances will start (my bet is sometime on Monday, February 1st). I’ve refreshed my email six times while writing this post. As soon as this post is live, I’ll probably get back on Facebook and mill around in the DCP group with the other hopefuls. 

It’s only been a week. But if the I don’t hear back soon, I’m sure there will be a lot more rambly blog posts from me.

And if I do get accepted? Well then, I’ll be writing while I’m waiting to leave, of course!


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