Guest Relations Professional Internship Phone Interview

So I just finished my Guest Relations Professional Internship interview. I hadn’t prepared too much because I’ve done the PI phone screen a few times before, and I was fairly confident that I could handle it.

By some stroke of luck (or fate), my interviewer was the same recruiter who interviewed me for the College Program exactly a month ago today! She told me that she remembered my interview and that we would just go a little more in-depth with some of the questions she’d asked me in my CP interview.

First, we started by going over my resume. Then she asked me why I applied for this particular internship. I told her that one of my favorite parts of being a Disney cast member on my first college program was learning problem solving skills from the Downtown Disney Guest Relations cast members who worked in the Westside/DisneyQuest office with me, and also being able to problem solve a wide variety of guest situations. 

Then she asked me what my favorite part of my job as a WDW CM was (the problem solving), and what the most challenging part was (when I couldn’t fix a situation). She then asked me about a difficult guest situation, and since I’d already told her the story about the guest who lost her car (which she remembered!), I told her a different story about a guest whose ticket entitlements disappeared.

After she asked me a couple of other questions and clarified the differences between CP housing and PI housing, she wished me the best and that was that. It was a very quick interview, overall, I assume because I had the same interviewer. It was great to talk with her again, and she told me that I should hear something soon about the College Program at least (thank goodness). She also told me that she’d felt confident in my abilities the last time she interviewed me. I’m still trying not to get my hopes up, since I haven’t heard anything yet, but hopefully I’ll have some (good) news here soon.

And now I’m back to playing the waiting game again… congratulations to all the hopefuls who have been accepted so far, and my fingers are crossed that I’ll hear something, either about the College Program or this Professional Internship, soon!


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