Keeping My Head Up

My superstitious self is hoping that writing this blog post will push things along — because really, how fun would it be to write an entire blog post about not hearing back from Disney, and then hear back from Disney?


For those of you keeping track at home, here’s my timeline:

01/12/16 – applied for the Disney College Program

01/22/16 – Disney College Program phone interview

02/12/16 – applied for a Disney Professional Internship in Guest Relations

02/22/16 – Disney Professional Internship phone interview

02/26/16 – still waiting

Yes, I am still “In Progress.” Which I suppose is much better than being NLIC, or “No Longer In Consideration.” Bright side, right?

I think there are three main issues surrounding why I’m a little discouraged (and a lot impatient) about not hearing anything yet:

  1. For my first program, I was accepted four days after my interview. Not much waiting time.
  2. Most of my friends who applied this season have already heard back (and I am SO HAPPY for them, oh my gosh).
  3. Everyone keeps asking me if I’ve heard yet. And while I know that everyone means well, it’s disappointing to both me and those asking every time I have to say “no.” Also, trust me, when I know, the world will know. I won’t leave anyone out. Regardless of what the decision is.

But, to be fair, Disney has until April 15th to let me know, and as recruiters keep saying, most decisions will be made in March. It’s not quite March yet, so I’m trying not to get discouraged. I hope good news is on the way. 

I have no bad thoughts toward Disney. I knew going into this that nothing is guaranteed — regardless of how good my record card and company history are. I want to think that I would be a great cast member and an asset to the company, but ultimately the decision rests in Disney Recruiting’s very capable hands. And I trust whatever decision is made, no matter how long it takes.

But I’ve still got my fingers crossed, and I’m hoping that Disney can find a place for me.



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